Professional construction services with architectural expertise

TEIG (K) LIMITED has encompassed its focus and diversified into new fields of specialization, modern technologies and has maintained its continued success by looking forward in offering best services to its clientele.
We are a private limited company, duly incorporated under the company Act Laws of Kenya. The company is registered under category NCA 4 Building construction, Road and water works by the National Construction Authority. We are versatile company with a reputation for our outstanding quality workmanship.

We always deliver exceptional and sustainable outcomes for our clients

Our firm has ventured into understanding the market trends in the construction and in supply chain thus elaborating the needs of our clients, which reinforces our search for value and certainty. We have highly skillful project teams that can deliver superior knowledge about the latest trends in construction and supply through in-depth reporting and explolarion of new ideas to foster business growth. We have notable proven track record to deliver end to end construction, supply and property solutions across a broad range of sectors.