Architectural Services

We provide a wide range of architectural services in the design, planning, and construction of buildings or structures.
Teig provides architectural services for a variety of building types, including residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial structures.

These services includes:

Conceptual Design: Our architects work with clients to develop initial design concepts that meet their requirements and desires.
Schematic Design: Our architects prepare preliminary drawings and sketches that illustrate the design concepts in more detail.
Design Development: Our architects refine the design, incorporating structural, mechanical, and electrical systems, and creating detailed drawings and specifications.
Construction Documents: Our architects produce detailed construction documents that contractors use to bid on and build the project.
Bidding and Negotiation: Our architects assist clients in the selection of a contractor, including reviewing bids and negotiating contracts.
Construction Administration: Our architects observe construction progress to ensure that the project is being built in accordance with the design and specifications.
Post-Construction Services: Our architects may provide services such as building maintenance, occupancy evaluations, and renovation or restoration work.